Solving the common standards problem in the open data space

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Last year during my Open Government Data Camp keynote speech on The State of Open Data 2011 I mentioned how I thought the central challenge for open data was shifting from getting data open (still a big issue, but a battle that is starting to be won) to getting all that open data in some common standards and schemas so that use (be it apps, analysis and other uses) can be scaled across jurisdictions.

Looks like someone out there is trying to turn that challenge in to a business opportunity.

Listpoint, a UK based company has launched a platform with the goal of creating translators between various established specs. As they point out in an email I saw from them:

"The Listpoint reference data management platform is a repository for data standards in the shape of code lists. Listpoint will help interpret open data by providing its underlying metadata and schema in machine readable format. E.g. mapping ISO country codes and Microsoft Country codes to provide a translation layer for systems to surface a single view of data."

Interesting stuff... and exactly the types of challenges we need solved if we are going to scale the opendata revolution.

A public policy entrepreneur, open government activist and negotiation expert David is retained by several governments to advise on open government and open data, works with two spin-offs of the Harvard Negotiation Project and advises businesses on open source strategies and community management.

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