GovHack, GovCamp, GovJam aim to advance Gov 2.0 in Australia |

GovHack, GovCamp, GovJam aim to advance Gov 2.0 in Australia

GovHack, GovCamp, GovJam aim to advance Gov 2.0 in Australia
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Not one, but three upcoming events will bring more open government to Australia over the course of a week. GovHack, GovCamp, and GovJam will collectively allow citizens to interact with the public sector to collaborate, innovate, and share--advancing Gov 2.0 by using government data in new ways.

GovHack will bring together citizens and experts from government, industry, and academia to design new mashups with government data over 48-hours. GovCamp is a one-day unconference where participants can contribute to the stories around innovation in government through presentations, discussions, panels, and workshops. Wrapping up the week is GovJam, a chance for government and public sector professionals to exchange techniques, insights, and ideas with their colleagues.

GovHack Canberra and Sydney, June 1-3

GovHack is a 48-hour event where teams will compete for $40,000 in prizes and grants by creating new applications and mashups using government data. The event will have data "owners" on hand as well as mentors from a range of technology backgrounds. More importantly, power, wifi, food, and lots of caffeine will be provided.

What is a GovHack?

"We fill a room with as many web and application developers, open data & visualisation gurus, user experience folk, accessibility peeps, augmented reality-ists, mobile maesters, user experience fanatics and anyone interested in open government as we can find and set them loose on government data sets to create new mashups, data visualisations and apps. We provide everything you'll need to hack to your hearts content, for glory, or money, or both!"

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GovCamp Canberra, June 5

This year's unconference will focus on open data, public engagement and community development, and policy and service delivery design. Thought leaders, implementers, and change agents in public service are encouraged to attend.

What is a GovCamp?

"A GovCamp is a somewhat 'unconference' event for people from government and people interested in government to get together to share knowledge, learn, develop skills, network and find new opportunities to collaborate. It involves both structured and unstructured scheduling to get a good mix of current thought leaders and stories from the trenches."

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GovJam Canberra, June 6-7

Government and public sector professionals will have two days to develop innovative approaches and solutions for the challenges faced by Australia's public sector. It's a high-energy environment focused on more doing than talking. The Department of Innovation will facilitate the event in collaboration with Global Service Jam.

What is a GovJam?

"A GovJam is about jamming ideas with other folk in government, and designing better ways to deliver services for your department or agency. This is an international workshop that will see Canberra based staff jamming with Public Servants in Australian Capital Cities, Scotland, and potentially around the world."

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