Dave and Gunnar Show: Episode 18 podcast with Jason Hibbets

On a mission to change the citizen experience

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In this episode of the Dave and Gunnar Show, I interviewed opensource.com's lead project manager, Jason Hibbets. He recently self-published a book advocating for citizen involvement in local government and shared with us how it's changing everything.

Listeners get insight into how the open source way is shaping how citizens influence change and progress in cities across the US. Jason also shares tips for self-publishing with Lulu.com, how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, steps for planning your own unconference, like CityCamp, and how he got started with Code for America.

From the podcast, Jason:

My particular mission is to create a better citizen experience. And for me that means making government more of a two-way conversation instead of the typical vending machine of services that most people expect...

We've gotten really bogged down and turned off by a lot of the politics that are involved with it and people feel that they can't make change happen.

Epsiode #18: Jason Hibbets pries open Raleigh

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