Poll: calorie labeling on your menus

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(1 votes)
Will calorie labeling affect what you order from the menu?
Yes, it will help me narrow my choices and pick healthier options when I eat out.
50% (53 votes)
Yes, but only because I'll feel guilty ordering otherwise.
6.6% (7 votes)
No, I'll eat whatever I please.
33% (35 votes)
No, I'm already aware of the nutritional value of what I eat.
10.4% (11 votes)

Tell us why you voted the way you did on calorie labeling on menus.

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Kit Plummer's picture

It will also help track calories if menus also include a QR code to the nutritional facts.

Chasalin's picture

use your common sense... eating out should be a treat. if you do it once per month, what's the big deal? if you have a healthy life style, there is no need to count calories...

jhibbets's picture

But for some people, eating out is NOT a treat--it's a daily occurence. People have made fast food a part of their daily nutrition. I think this awareness effort is a great idea. To be honest, I was pretty shocked when I saw how many calories were in some of the food choices I was making. Thankfully, fast food isn't a part of my everyday consumption.


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I was a participate in one of Dr. Ariely studies on this. See: