Poll: Do you use Creative Commons licenses on YouTube?

Do you use Creative Commons licenses on YouTube?
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Do you use Creative Commons licenses on YouTube?
71.7% (43 votes)
28.3% (17 votes)

If you've uploaded a video to YouTube recently, you may have noticed a new option to license your video. In addition to the Standard YouTube license, you now have a choice to select Creative Commons CC BY license [attribution - reuse allowed].

Our question is, do you use it? Tell us why you do or don't.

Creative Commons License


sean's picture

It was the Creative Commons option, and the fact that they have reliable html5, that I returned to YouTube. I'd avoided it since switching to Linux due to Flash and the fact that I wasn't sure who owned my content once I'd uploaded. But being able to watch my videos without installing Flash, and being able to specify that the videos may be with a share-alike / attribution clause, made youtube my first and singular choice for videos online.

Juan Manuel's picture

I do use it though I specify my videos to be CC BY NC in the video itself

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Open Source Sensei


Mikelo's picture

You forgot to add the "Hell yeah!" choice. But I forgive you. :-D I'm sure they'll add more licence options in the future, but I'm happy since I only ever use the BY option.

robpac's picture

As Juan, I usually post under BY-NC-ND. Please, visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheForinstance Ethics & Human Rights