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Giving proper credit to designers in 3D printing

Giving proper credit to designers in 3D printing
Many 3D printed objects are shared under Creative Commons licenses that require attribution be given to the designer, but there are no established...Read more

What is copyleft?

What is copyleft?
If you've spent much time in open source projects, you have probably seen the term "copyleft" used. While the term is quite commonly used, many...Read more

What is a URI? Understanding license terminology for compliance

Why you should understand the terms for license compliance
A recent court case illustrates the importance of reading and understanding technical terms used in copyright licenses.Read more

NY bill would provide tax credit for open source contributors

NY bill would provide tax credit for open source contributors
The bill would provide a tax credit of 20% of "expenses associated with the development of open source and free software."Read more

Foundations, bright lines, and building successful open source ecosystems

As we continue to create new open source foundations, we need to be thoughtful in the how-and-why of such foundations.Read more

The case for educating judges on open source licensing

open source licensing
Judges and lawyers need to understand what open source software is: not just software made available under a license, but software that has an...Read more

German court addresses GPLv3 section 8 termination provisions

The first instance of a court in Germany (and perhaps anywhere) addressing GPLv3 occurred in a decision by the Regional Court of Halle in July 2015Read more

Department of Education seeks comments on open licensing requirements

The U.S. Department of Education has an interest in broadening the impact of its grants, so it announced a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) on...Read more