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We don't make software for free, we make it for freedom

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Creative Commons: 1.2 billion strong and growin

Creative Commons shares 2016 State of the Commons report, and here are a few highlights.
Search this database for inactive patents that are now in the public domain

In the U.S. patent system, if maintenance fees are not paid, an issued patent goes into the public...
Do I need to provide access to source code under the AGPLv3 license?

The source code requirement in AGPLv3 Section 13 is triggered only where the AGPLv3 software has...
7 notable legal developments in open source in 2016

Learn about a few of the many open source-related legal developments that made headlines in 2016.
Open source licenses are shared resources

Licenses are valuable shared resources. What might we do to support these shared resources?
'Open source' is not 'free software'

Open source won, but what are the consequences of ignoring free software philosophy and ideals?