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Learn more about open source licensing, compliance, and licensing-related legal cases.

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When software is distributed via container images, source code should be made available in order to ensure seamless compliance with licensing.
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A look at how a closely-watched legal case about copyright and APIs might affect open source licensing
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Open source licensing is different for good reasons that support the collaborative development that makes open source so great.
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Open governance insights from Chris Aniszczyk, VP of Developer Relations at the Linux Foundation.
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Learn how to know if a work has a CC license, how to attribute, and more in this handy guide.
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If you think open source is synonymous with shareware, freeware, and public domain, you are not alone.
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How the cloud motivates open source businesses to evolve quickly.
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Dokit wondered whether giving away its knowledge as open source was a bad business decision, but that choice has been the foundation of its success.