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Somewhere in Mumbai in a moving local train.

Subhashish Panigrahi (@subhapa) is the founder of OpenSpeaks, an award winning project that helps grow open resources to digitally-document marginalized languages. He co-founded O Foundation (OFDN), a nonprofit that works towards addressing issues that lie in the cusp of people, culture, and technology with Openness in its core. He is the Chapter Development Manager for Asia-Pacific at the Internet Society, and has worled in the past at Mozilla, Centre for Internet and Society's Access To Knowledge program, and Wikimedia Foundation to deepen the growth of open knowledge/source communities across Asia. Follow Subhashish at @subhapa on Twitter.

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Glad you liked it Adam. Yes, the "how to" part certainly need elaboration. The last paragraph does lead to it, but I am going to write one–more posts elaborating how one can document languages using different tools on computers, smartphones and so on. Stay tuned. :)

Thanks for the inputs, Pete. I do see the gaps now and maybe will write a piece to fill them as a sequel to this article. Really appreciate this.