International Open Data Hackathon Wiki now live

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International open data hackathon 2011: Better tools, more data, bigger fun

The wiki

The Open Data Day wiki (sans logo, so a little rough around the edges) is now live and ready for action.

The wiki is where organizers can list the city in which they’ll be putting together an event and where interested participants can find local events and let people know that they’ll be attending (to give organizers a sense of numbers) and what projects, workshops, discussions, or other activities they are interested in participating in.

It was awesome to see that in the first 24 hours of the wiki being up, 14 different people stepped forward and listed their city as a place where they will be hosting an event. Better still, I’ve been contacted by numerous people saying they would like to host an event who have not yet added their city to list, so if you have not yet done it, please do so! The wiki is super easy to edit. If you are thinking of organizing event you can use my city, Vancouver, as a template for how to organize your city’s wiki page. But feel free to innovate and do you own thing!


A number of people have asked me about translating the Open Data Day website. We have translated it to Dutch, French, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese. If you are interested in making a translation please do so. I’m happy to share that it is really easy!

The html for the site is on github. For those who know how (and it is VERY easy to learn) please feel free to fork the code and write a version in your language. I will approve it! One warning, there is a good chance that I’ll edit (not heavily—but a little) the page once or twice before the event. I will let people know if I make changes.

Super excited about the response so far and hope the wiki helps people see what is going on and coordinate activities more effectively.

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Long Live Open Data !

Good to see the Netherlands, and specifically the city of Rotterdam, is participating and hosting an event. This city is a great example where the local government is working together with the 'Rotterdam University' and other organisations.

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