Self-publishing is an open process

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People want access to content. And creative commons allowed me to give them access to my content.

One man decides to publish his own book—but there's no road map, no previous information to help him navigate how to do it! How will he sell a copy to people he doesn't already know?

Find out at The Perishables Project, where Michael Williams (@mcmanlypants) takes you through his journey to publish his short novel, Perishables (@PerishablesBook). He discusses how he came to write a series of novels based on a character he created for a role-playing game, why traditional book publishing is secretive, and why he chose a Creative Commons license for his work.

In traditional book marketing, somebody somewhere comes up with a whole bunch of ideas. And some of them are lousy and maybe some of them are great—but nobody knows which are which because they build a fence around the whole process to protect the good ideas from the people they incorrectly percieve as being their competition, namely other authors. They build this sort of combination vaccum and echo-chamber and then they go reside within it, and nobody has the chance to learn anything.

I didn't mind sharing with people what and what didn't for me, becasue doing so didn't remove any good ideas from the table. Instead it greatly expanded the number of good ideas available to me.

 See a more in-depth article about the elusive book publishing process.

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Michael is a native of the mountains of Western North Carolina and lives in Durham, NC. He is a writer, reader, gamer and runner and is a brother in St. Anthony Hall.

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