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Take a quick look at key topics covered at the annual All Things Open conference.

Death of an enterprise software salesman

A light-hearted All Things Open talk explains why closed-source enterprise software succeeds...
Reveal.js presentation hacks

All Things Open 2017 Lightning Talk with tips and tricks for using the Reveal.js presentation...
Impostor syndrome and individual competence

Learn how to deal with imposter syndrome in this video from All Things Open's Lightning Talks.
Woman sitting in front of her computer

In her lightning talk at All Things Open, Nicole Engard shared a bit about her personal journey to...
How Gratipay solves open source's 'free rider' problem

Chad Whitacre started open source crowdfunding platform Gratipay in 2012 to help companies donate...
Why Red Hat takes an 'upstream first' approach

In this five-minute lightning talk, Thomas Cameron highlights Red Hat's work on open source...
What is the Raspberry Pi Foundation? 10 million computers sold

Learn more about the educational charity behind the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer.
Bitcoin in 5 minutes

By design, Bitcoin bolsters trust by reducing or eliminating central points of failure.