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Take a quick look at key topics covered at the annual All Things Open conference.

One lightbulb lit out of several

Don't miss these rapid-fire talks about containers, AI, Istio, Blockchain, Raspberry Pi, and more.
Open for business

A light-hearted All Things Open talk explains why close-source enterprise software succeeds despite open source's superiority.
Arrow cycle overlay on top of an iceburg

Watch this All Things Open 2017 Lightning Talk for tips and tricks for using the Reveal.js presentation framework.
a magnifying glass looking at a brain illustration

Learn how to deal with unnecessary worry in this video from All Things Open's Lightning Talks.
Woman sitting in front of her computer

In this lightning talk, Nicole Engard shares her personal journey with ChickTech.
Hearts, stars, and dollar signs

There is a way to help companies pay for open source software.
Two different business organization charts

In this five-minute lightning talk, Thomas Cameron highlights the company's work on open source projects other than Linux.
Raspberry Pi boards with bear wearing a pi shirt

Learn more about the educational charity behind the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer.