This week in open source news: 3D-printed hands, smart light bulbs, and more

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open source news and highlights

Open source news this week: June 17 - 21, 2013

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  • 3D-printed hands are changing lives. NPR aired a beautiful story this week of two strangers from different ends of the world—a carpenter and a special effects artist/puppeteer—who collaborated online to create a mechanical hand using a 3D printer. The "Robohand" is now bringing dexterity to children with no fingers. The source files are now available for free download. The story is a great read, but if you have the time, it’s even more endearing to listen to it.
  • A primer on open innovation for business. Forbes wrote about "4 Ways Open Innovation Can Drive Your Business Forward." A solid, quick read to share with any colleagues or friends who aren’t familiar with the concept of open innovation and how it can help keep businesses competitive.
  • A more in-depth look at open innovation. The Openforum Academy presents essays on open innovation from leading thinkers in the field, ranging from science and patents to government and beyond.
  • Light bulbs get connected. Add light bulbs to the list of objects that keep getting smarter. See how LIFX’s Wi-Fi connected light bulbs are using Thingsquare’s open source Mist system to join the Internet of Things.
  • Is the UK backtracking on open source preference? Earlier this year reported that the UK government mandated a preference for using open source software going forward. But recently, the site reports, the language supporting open source has been softened. Writer Bryan Glick explores what this means for the future of open source software for the UK government. 
  • Help wanted: Open Source GM. If you live and breathe all things open source, then you might want to take a look at this new job opening. The Open Source Initiative is seeking its first full-time general manager.
  • Putting the weather in your hands. The weather is that one universal subject that anyone can converse about. Now weather enthusiasts can do more than talk about the topic—they can contribute data and use it for free. The Open Knowledge Foundation has a two-part series explaining more on this phenomenon.
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