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Get the highlights in your inbox every week. focused on stories about open source tools and systems for libraries and other open educational content from April 14 - 18. And before you curl up with your favorite book, we've got new eBooks for you to download and some discoveries from our Open Library Week that you'll want to bookmark—or 3D print.

Open Libary Week recap

We had some excellent stories about robust, heavy-weight open source tools that are strengthening our libraries, helping them transform from after-school detention centers (Breakfast Club, anyone?) or the best place for a nap—to happening, healthy, and alive meetup spots to make and learn new, innovative things!

Public libraries and schools across the globe are aquiring 3D printers and hosting maker groups. With their open source toolkits filled with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, sensors, wires, cables, and more—these folks are transforming our libraries into an all-new kind of learning center.

To learn more about this growing trend, check out the full list of articles we published during Open Library Week.

Book contest winner

O'Reilly Media also joined us in celebrating open libraries by offering the winner of our Book Contest any book of their choice PLUS five free books for their favorite public or school library of choice!

We'll announce the winner of the contest on Twitter. Stay tuned!

New eBooks on

We released three new eBooks to our resources library recently. All of our eBooks are freely available for download and filled with quality knowledge our readers can only get at

How to get started with open source

The collection of stories in this eBook are about striking out on the open source way. Whether you're an individual seeking information on moving away from closed software or an organization looking for free and open alternatives to the utilities that help your business succeed, these are stories about finding your footing in the world of open source.

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How women are shaping the open source landscape

In this collection, hear unique perspectives on open source organizations and projects you may be familiar with, like GNOME, the Open Technology Institute, OpenStack, and Red Hat. Learn about the growth happening in new areas, like open hardware. And, discover new ways of designing, collaborating, and working from some of the top women leaders in the industry.

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Getting youth involved in open source

Discover how to get youth interested in coding, information on the various Linux distributions for kids and educators, the best projects for kids and beginners to open source, and more, in this eBook collection. Hear how students, parents, programmers, start-ups, IT directors, and others educate, include, and involve our youth in open technologies and open principles.

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