How women are shaping the open source landscape

How women are shaping the open source landscape

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For two weeks, focused their efforts on highlighting women working in free and open source software fields in our Women in Open Source Week. Coders, hackers, developers, community managers, and educators on the front lines of open source projects around the globe shared their stories with us. They are helping to lead the charge for a more open world, and there is much to be learned from how they motivate, lead, guide, and teach others.

Hear unique perspectives on open source organizations and projects you may be familiar with, like GNOME, the Open Technology Institute, OpenStack, and Red Hat. Learn about the growth happening in new areas, like open hardware. And, discover new ways of designing, collaborating, and working.

With greater insight into the world of women in open source, anyone who reads this series is sure to learn something new that will help them be a stronger leader, collaborator, and fellow open source champion.

There are 19 articles in this collection. Some are authored by women who lead the company where they work, others are part of the larger ecosystem, and a few are interviews.

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