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This week will be featuring articles on open source tools for libraries and sharing stories about experiences using open source in the library setting.

Our authors come from an array of backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they know firsthand and want to help more libraries to understand the power of open source. Serving the community, managing the library system, and providing quality care are all aspects of what makes open source a better choice for libraries.

We are also running a contest! Enter for a chance to win a book of your choice from O'Reilly Media plus five books for your favorite public or academic library of choice. Wow!

Open Library Week

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Complete list of open library articles

  1. Top 5 open source tools libraries need to know about
  2. Open source library system Evergreen rewards the community
  3. Web-publishing for libraries and the robust community of Omeka
  4. Open data hackathon tackles cultural preservation
  5. The story of Koha, the first open source library management system
  6. How to introduce open source to your public library
  7. Resources for libraries exploring the open source option
  8. The maker movement helps transform our public libraries

Past articles on open source in libraries


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