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Call for writers: Open Food and Beverage & LISA15 speaker interviews

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Two new series are coming up for in the month of November. Yes, November—it's planning time! We invite you to contribute by sending us an email with your name, which series you would like to participate, and your story idea. You can also submit to our webform.

Writing for us is a fun and easy process—just read our writer's testimonials.

Lettuce farming field for Open Food Week

Open Food and Beverage

What could an open food and beverage series be about? Open containers? For this series, we want your stories about companies, projects, recipes, and more that use open source software, hardware, or methodologies to operate and create food and/or beverages. will highlight these stories around the time of the year that many countries are celebrating a time of plenty and harvest, and being with friends and family, before the cold winter months.

Send in your story or story idea. Tell a friend. And help us share this call for articles for our Open Food and Beverage series.

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LISA15 speaker interviews

USENIX LISA15 will be held November 8 - 13 in Washington, D.C. If you would like to contribute to our interview series, let us know and we'll connect you with a speaker to interview. Or, if you're speaking at LISA15 and would like to contribute an article about your upcoming talk, send us a proposal. Our call for contributors closes on October 19.

Questions? Suggestions? Let us know in the comments.


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