New release of Docker, R-Hub for R packages, and more news

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In this week's edition of our open source news roundup, we take a look at a new release of Docker, R-Hub for R packages, the Raspberry Pi Foundation's acquisition of Code Club, and more!

Open source news: November 1 - 7, 2015

Docker 1.9 released

Docker announced the release of Docker 1.9 and updated versions of several supporting components of the Docker ecosystem. Key features in the new release are multi-host networking and persistent storage. Both of these production-ready features are plugin-based, meaning that a wide variety of networking and storage products can be used with the respective features. In addition, the release announcement discusses Docker Swarm 1.0, which is now production-ready, as well as Docker Compose 1.5 and Docker Registry 2.2, which both have a handful of new features.

R Consortium and the Linux Foundation will fund R-Hub

The R Consortium, Linux Foundation Collaborative project, has provided support for the development of R-Hub, a new code-hosting platform for developing and distributing packages for the R statistical programming language. R developers proposed the development of R-Hub in July 2015 and it will be implemented by Gábor Csárdi, who was awarded a grant by the R Consortium to fund the site's development. The new R-Hub will build upon, and be compatible with, the current CRAN and R-Forge sites. The R Consortium is also accepting proposals for other projects to fund through its grant program.

Raspberry Pi Foundation and Code Club merge

Code Club, a UK-based charitable organization, which runs after school programs designed to get kids interested in coding, is becoming a subsidiary of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The two organizations' goals overlap, with both interested in getting kids tinkering and coding, so the merger was a natural fit. Natasha Lomas, writing for TechCrunch, covers the merger and provides several quotes from Raspberry Pi Foundation CEO Philip Colligan.

Maker Camp after-school projects

Endgadget's Roberto Baldwin explores Maker Camp's expansion from an online summer program to a program with year round projects. The expanded project provides students with weekly projects that they can undertake as after-school activities. The current overarching theme is Fall and included a few Halloween-themed projects. While ideally children will take part in the activities as an in-person group, children working alone can connect with others online. Anyone interested in hosting a Maker Camp site can apply to receive a kit containing materials for getting started.

In other news

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