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Working on the Open Web is a niche area of the greater open source community. Usually the work does not get the same level of fanfare of other areas of open source, but the work is very important.

Here, I've compiled a list of 15 people helping move the Open Web forward you should follow on Twitter. All of them are doing amazing work and have great content to share and will help keep you up to date on important things happening on the Open Web.

@mleibovic | Margaret Leibovic

Firefox engineering manager at Mozilla. I like the web, running, and food.

@mattsmcnulty | Matthew McNulty

Work @Google leading the @polymer team @GoogleChrome, formerly @EnyoJS & @palm. JS Dev, Web Standards, making fun of people, politics.

@codepo8 | Christian Heilmann

Developer Evangelist - all things open web, HTML5, writing and working together. #nofilter

@codinghorror | Jeff Atwood

Indoor enthusiast. Co-founder of stackexchange.com and discourse.org . Disclaimer: I have no idea what I'm talking about.

@sverrejoh | Sverre Johansen

Software Developer.

@dolske | Justin Dolske

Firefox engineering manager, bacon enthusiast, and snuggler of kittens. Did I mention beer? Oh, god, the beer. Mmmmm.

@dietrich | Dietrich Ayala

Working on Firefox OS so the next billions coming online have freedom and choice. metafluff.com noms.in meatclub.in

@sil | Stuart Langridge

Web consultant and custom developer. Opinionated. Believer in the mobile web. Like a misanthropic Father Christmas, apparently

@saambarati | Saam Barati

Conductor of computations. Work on JavaScriptCore/@webkit at Apple.

@xeenon | Timothy Hatcher

WebKit Developer Experience Manager at Apple. Creator of Web Inspector and Colloquy.

@ELV1S | Nikita Vasilyev

Developer Tools developer. Work on WebKit Inspector at . UI design, photography, tea.

@mmayo | Mark Mayo

VP Firefox @Mozilla. Helped make node.js and SmartOS happen as former CTO of Joyent. Yes, I've still got the vmunix blues.

@BrendanEich | Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich invented JavaScript, co-founded mozilla.org , and served as CTO, SVP Eng, and CEO, Mozilla.

@aimee_maree | Aimee Maree

Problem Solver! Open Source Enabler, Web Focused Software Engineer, Polygot Programmer, EDU Research, Teach Kids 2 Code, a11y, DevOps, PaaS, Linux, Fedora

@andreasbovens | Andreas Bovens

Opera for Android Product Manager & Dev Relations lead at Opera Software. Interests: CSS3, typography, mobile, Japan & Latin dance.

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Benjamin Kerensa
Benjamin Kerensa is an internationally recognized open source evangelist, community manager, author and speaker with experience in systems administration, project management and open source development that spans a decade.

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