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PittMesh routers are owned by individuals

Pittmesh: A community-owned wireless network
PittMesh routers are owned by individuals and configured in a way that make them work together to build a larger, decentralized network.Read more

8 reasons to make the switch to IPv6

8 reasons to make the switch to IPv6
Owen DeLong is a Senior Manager of Network Architecture at Akamai Technologies, a leader in content delivery network (CDN) services that help to make...Read more

Internet access and privacy with FreedomBox

Neon sign: Internet
FreedomBox is a personal server that allows you to use the Internet privately or in locations that have bad or no Internet connection.Read more

Why an open web is important for India

Image of spider web
Priyanka Nag explains why learning about Mozilla was love at first site, and how the open source project and her role in its community are helping...Read more

Make a Twitter-controlled desk lamp with open source tools

See how a Twitter-controlled desk lamp exemplifies how open source tools help us do amazing things with powerful technologies.Read more

An open-minded Internet safety curriculum

What should high schools students be taught about Internet safety? Traditional high school curriculum has followed guidance from the U.S. Children's...Read more

The Internet's 25 years and future with open source

open web
What began as ARPANET back in 1969, has become the Internet as we know it today. This year on March 12 marked 25 years of the World Wide Web. It all...Read more

Linux Foundation takes one giant step forward with the AllSeen Alliance and the Internet of Things

If you read the technology press lately, odds are you already know about the launching of the AllSeen Alliance (a Google News search I just did...Read more