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10 inspirational books for open leadership principles

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Working the open source way always involves standing on the shoulders of giants. And in a recent interview with Business Insider, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst acknowledges the literary shoulders supporting The Open Organization, his own contribution to the growing field of books exploring open management and leadership principles.

Jim even reveals his "favorite business book ever": Eliyahu M. Goldratt's and Jeff Cox's 1984 novel The Goal. He calls the book

...a business novel that introduced Goldratt's Theory of Constraints, which described how to make more money by increasing throughput, and reducing inventory and operating expenses in a systemic way. The book is really about lean manufacturing, but Goldratt's concepts are being applied in today's tech sectors, too.

Jim cites more than 25 inspirational books in The Open Organization, and we're pleased to feature 10 of them in a new addition to our site, the Open Organization Reading List. If you enjoyed The Open Organization, then you're sure to love the books already in conversation with it.

Check them out.

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