Putting meritocracy to the test: Open Org book club, chapter 4

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Week 4 of The Open Organization book club kicked off on September 21. This week's topic was Chapter 4: Choosing meritocracy, not democracy, and Jim offered many tips on how to make meritocracy work in your organization.

I shared my own story about working in a meritocratic environment and highlighted the following passage from The Open Organization for discussion:

Our engineers earn influence with each other based on their contributions to the code. But the same principle applies to all associates in the organization, regardless of what department they work in or what their day-to-day job entails. Everyone has the ability to earn influence and get his or her ideas heard. It simply relates to how effective you are at presenting and getting people behind your ideas, throughout the organization. (p. 92)

A few days later, the Twitter chat filled a full hour with lively conversation. You can see just a few of the many highlights on Storify.

Next week, we'll start discussing Chapter 5: Letting the sparks fly on September 28 with Bryan Behrenshausen, and you can join us for another #OpenOrgChat on Twitter on October 1. New faces joining us this week will be Thomas Cameron, Máirín Duffy, Brian Fielkow, Gene Kim, Jackie Yeaney.

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Rebecca Fernandez is a Principal Program Manager at Red Hat, leading projects to help the company scale its open culture. She's an Open Organization Ambassador, contributed to The Open Organization book, and maintains the Open Decision Framework. She is interested in the intersection of open source principles and practices, and how they can transform organizations for the better.

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