When OpenOrg meets DevOps

Exploring cultures of agility and blamelessness

In October, the OpenOrg and DevOps communities joined forces for an #OpenOrgChat.

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October's #OpenOrgChat brought together members of the open organization and DevOps communities for rapid-fire discussion of the ways organizational cultures are changing. Miss it? Read the recap below.

Q1: How would you describe DevOps in a single tweet?

Q2: What is "agility" and why is it so important to teams and orgs today?

Q3: What the relationship between your team's tools and its culture?

Q4: What is a culture of "blamelessness" and why is it important today?

Q5: What important lessons can TheOpenOrg learn from teams practicing DevOps?

Q6: What role does management play in implementing a more bottom-up approach to IT?

Q7: What strategies for lowering barriers to collaboration have you found to be most effective?

Q8: TheOpenOrg reacts to hierarchy; DevOps reacts to waterfall. What do these outmoded systems have in common?

Q9: How can you act as an effective change agent in your organization?

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