Imagining classrooms as open organizations

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leadership through influence poster in a classroom with a teacher and students

Our May 12 #OpenOrgChat brought members of the open organization and open education communities together for a discussion about the future of classrooms.

Below are just a few highlights from our conversation. We hope you'll join us for our next chat—on June 2, the first anniversary of The Open Organization!

Q1: What would happen if we modeled classrooms like #opensource communities? #OpenOrgChat

Q2: How might we use OpenOrg principles to rethink and retool assessment? #OpenOrgChat

Q3: How does a student's role shift in a classroom modeled on OpenOrg values? #OpenOrgChat

Q4: What's been the most fascinating part of introducing students to open source? #OpenOrgChat

Q5: What have you found to be the biggest benefit of teaching students open source? #OpenOrgChat

Q6: How might OpenOrg principles help us rethink education standards? #OpenOrgChat

Q7: What do your students seem like most about learning and working the open way? #OpenOrgChat

Q8: What can educators teach OpenOrg thinkers/practitioners about the future of leadership? #OpenOrgChat

The Open Organization aims to reshape the future of management and collaboration in companies and organizations who want to transform the way they do business. Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst wrote The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance about his leadership transition from traditional management to an open organization.

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