Intern stories at Red Hat

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Every year we ask Red Hat interns to share their experience with us. What has it been like to work for an open organization this summer? Did you expect a different environment? Will you talk to your mentor again?

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Internship shatters silver screen expectations — by Meggie Milbauer, a Support Program Management Intern

Common values unite journalism and open source — by Taylor Greene, an Employment Branding + Communications Writing Intern

Three lessons from a summer of data wrangling — by Sharon Xu, a data scientist Intern

Engineering, open source internship hits the sweet spot  by Sindhur Malleni, a Performance Engineering Intern

5 takeaways for companies overseeing interns — by Amy Jespersen, a Global Renewals & Compliance Analyst Intern

An internship that harnesses the power of community — by Barbara Ann Spangler, a Marketing Operations Intern

Goodbye Henry Ford, hello open organization — Nate Woodward, a Brand Marketing Intern


Collaboration isn't what they taught you in school — by Kristen DeMaria, a Marketing Intern

Leaders are catalysts for shared purpose and results — by Sarah Shelton, a Talent Development Intern

Looking for a technology job? Learn as much as you can about open source — by Josh Teder, a Global Partner and Alliance Intern

Open source has me brainwashed — by Derek Brown, a Corporate Strategy Intern

What is a software engineering job really like? — by Anne LoVerso, a Project Atomic Intern

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