Open Science 2016

Open science plant and blossom

Open Science is a series covering open source software, hardware, data, research, and more in the sciences and why it matters today. Read from our collection of articles in this series.

Free, high-quality education resources from the National Science Digital Library—by Don Watkins, open source evangelist

11 resources for teaching and learning Python—by Brian Hall, educator

A tool to help you find your next STEM role model—Interview with Kirstie Whitaker of STEMM Role Models, by Don Watkins

5 Eclipse tools for processing and visualizing data—by Tracy Miranda, software developer and founder of Kichwa Coders

Which field of research would you like to see more collaboration in?—a poll by the team

Measurement Lab explores the current state of the Internet—by Georgia Bullen, the Technology Projects Director for New America's Open Technology Institute

7 science projects powered by open source GIS—by Jason Baker, GIS enthusiast and editor for

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