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Open Source Worldwide 2016


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This collection of articles highlights global projects and pinpoints the challenges of working with members that live around the world. These articles offer tips and new ideas for how to navigate international communication, workflow, project management, and more.

Global citizens unite to improve housing with open design and development—by Dr. Joshua Pearce, an Associate Professor in the Materials Science & Engineering and the Electrical & Computer Engineering at Michigan Tech.

Chile's green energy future is powered by open data analysis—by Chris Hermansen, co-owner of the TECO Group SpA, a government consultant.

Navigating the challenges of international teamwork—by Tony McCormick, a contributor/committer and former board member of the OpenEMR project.

Global group communication and culture tips—by Pete Herzog, co-founder of ISECOM and creator of OSSTMM, for security testing and analysis.

Good things come from projects that fail—by Brent Phillips, former United Nations staff person and veteran relief worker

Overcoming language and distance barriers in open source projects—by Jose Antonio Rey, an Ubuntu community member