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The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular miniature computing platforms for novices and experts alike. Whether you're interested in learning about microelectronics, building an interactive DIY project, or simply taking advantage of a very affordable computer, the Raspberry Pi is probably a good option for you. Opensource.com has published many articles over the past few years highlighting some of the interesting and creative projects you can build with the Raspberry Pi; here are a few which might want to check out and replicate yourself.

Build a portable streaming camera

Photo courtesy of Anderson Silva. CC BY-SA 4.0.

Anderson Silva wanted to play around with a Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, and had been meaning to buy the Pi Camera as well. In this project, he combined the two, along with a battery pack, to build a Raspberry Pi-based streaming camera which could be picked up and used anywhere, remotely, and explored some of the software tools to make interfacing with his project fun and easy.

Experiment with Docker on a Raspberry Pi

Interested in learning how to use Docker to manage containers on your Rapsberry Pi? Want to build fast and replicable installations of software across many devices, and to manage your system settings with the simplicty of code? Here's a walkthrough from Jason Baker of how he got Docker up and running on his Pi in order to run Node-RED, an open source IoT platform.

Explore the edge of space with a high altitude balloon

One of the many advantages of using a tiny computer is its light weight, making the Raspberry Pi an ideal candidate for using in amateur aviation projects. Learn how high altitude balloonist Dave Akerman used a Raspberry Pi along with a data logger, GPS tracker, and camera to take his experiments to the edge of space and back again using helium balloons, taking amazing photos of Planet Earth along the way.

Get started with coding and video games with Minecraft Pi

The free version of Minecraft actually runs surprisingly well on a Raspberry Pi, and is a great platform for learning the basics of coding. Learn to use the Python API for Minecraft to set your location, create blocks, loop actions, change the camera location, track events, and more: even create your own games within a game!

Create your own musical light show

Anderson Silva turned his adventure in learning about the Raspberry Pi into a musical light show, starting small with some LEDs on a breadboard, and eventually hooking the device up to his Christmas tree to produce a holiday light display like none other.

This is just a sampling of what you can do with the Raspberry Pi. Have you created a great project that you'd like to share? Submit your story as an article for the site and we may include it here!

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