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Our articles on 3D printing bring you new projects to try and stories about how this new technology is changing life from healthcare, to business, and more.

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Breast cancer survivors and others can use the Free Open Source 3D Customizer to design and produce breast prosthetics.
3D printing filament

IC3D's new open source plastic filament for 3D printers means libre options for the entire 3D tool chain.
Using a 3D printer

Obliterate the cost of consumer products with open hardware.
Ultomaker 3D printer

Help save lives in Africa by creating an open source app for 3D printers to use to make medical...
Using a 3D printer

A story of a beginner's first experience with his new LulzBot Mini 3D printer, an open hardware...
Artistic spraypaint bottles

Whether you want to manipulate images, edit audio, or animate stories, there's a free and open source tool to do the trick.
3D printing filament

During the opening ceremony at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, snowboarder Amy Purdy wearing a 3D...
3D printed green lizard

We look back at 3D printing innovations in 2016.