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As open source software grows in use, developers have the responsibility of making their software accessible to all potential users, including people with disabilities. 

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One university open source program office is working to improve accessibility of an open access journal with LaTeX.
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Open source accommodations help people with neurodiversity use their talents to their highest ability.
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Saylor Academy builds its college credit-eligible courses on openly licensed content, making higher education accessible to more people.
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The state of Georgia was nationally recognized last month by the National Association of State CIOs...
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Creating an accessible website is easier than you think. All the resources you need are open, and...
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ADRIANE is a great interface with a solid plan for design and functionality.
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If you're planning a conference in a public space in the United States, then ADA-level...
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DAISY is a specialized text reader format that can be used for anything from textbooks to news...