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Check out these great open source alternatives to programs you love!

Working from home at a laptop

Use Padatious, Adapt, conversational context, and dialogs to start programming your first voice AI.
Teamwork starts with communication across silos

The open source wiki platform behind Wikipedia is a compelling alternative to Confluence, SharePoint, and other proprietary collaboration solutions.
Person using a laptop

Avoid Microsoft's proprietary VS Code build and opt for an open source code editor instead.
A person looking at a phone

Planning is the essential first step in writing a skill and teaching Mycroft how to do what you want it to do.
Digital images of a computer desktop

Learn how to install Mycroft open source voice assistant software and pair your devices.
radio communication signals

Mycroft brings more privacy, security, and freedom into your voice assistant applications.
a checklist for a team

Love lists? Check out this handy list of open source apps for managing all your lists!
Calendar close up snapshot

Need to keep your schedule straight? Learn how to do it using open source with these free...