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Jason van Gumster mostly makes stuff up. He writes, animates, and occasionally teaches, all using open source tools. He's run a small, independent animation studio, wrote Blender For Dummies and GIMP Bible, and continues to blurt out his experiences during a [sometimes] weekly podcast, the Open Source Creative Podcast. Adventures (and lies) at @monsterjavaguns.

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Inkscape Cheat Sheet

Inkscape is an incredibly powerful vector graphics program that you can use to draw scaleable illustrations or edit vector artwork that other people have created.

Cheat sheet: Blender

Just about every key and key combination can access a feature in Blender. This cheat sheet doesn't list every single one of those, that's been done. Instead, this cheat sheet…

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Another application worth the mention for ebooks is Calibre. It's billed as an ebook management program, but it's especially handy for conversions and previews.

Oooh. That's a handy looking little device. A tad expensive for my tastes, though. If I'm rolling my own, I'd personally lean towards using something I already have on hand.