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Check out these great open source alternatives to programs you love!

Try nvALT, an open source note-taking tool based on the popular Mac app Notational Velocity

Keep track of your notes with this simple, open source alternative to Evernote.
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Keep up with your calendar and to-do list with Calcurse.

Build simple business applications and keep track of your data with these worthy open source alternatives.
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Not every web browser needs to carry every single feature. Min puts a minimalist spin on the everyday web browser.
4 open source invoicing tools for small businesses

Manage your billing and get paid with easy-to-use, web-based invoicing software.
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Adobe will end support for Flash Media Player in 2020, but there are still a lot of Flash videos out there that need to be watched. Here are two open source alternatives that are trying to help.
Mail arriving to a mailbox, email

Here's how to set up and install Postfix to send Gmail using two-factor authentication.