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Ansible is a popular open source automation engine used to automate apps and IT infrastructure and run tasks including installing and configuring applications.

How to automate your system administration tasks with Ansible

Sharpen your sysadmin and Linux skills and learn how to set up tooling to simplify administering...
LinchPin 1.0: A maturing hybrid cloud orchestration tool using Ansible

Launched in late 2016, LinchPin now has a Python API and a growing community.
How to use Ansible to manage PostgreSQL

The key to preparing Postgres for any range of service is Ansible, an open source automation engine...
Improve your DevOps security game with Ansible Vault

A brief tutorial on getting started creating a vault file with Ansible for security.
HTML code

Learn how Vagrant and Ansible can be used to provision virtual machines for web development.
Cluster computing with Ansible and Raspberry Pi

Jeff Geerling walks through the basics of Ansible, an open source IT automation tool, using a...

Robyn Bergeron makes life awesome for people participating in the Elasticsearch, Logstash, and...
Tools in a tool box

Tools like Docker and Vagrant are Ansible are hotter than ever. What's their secret?