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HiFi vintage stereo

Play music for your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else with an inexpensive audiophile setup.

The open source ethos is embedded in many areas of life, including music and art.
11 CDs in a U shape

The history of HDCD format and how I recovered lost audio on Linux.
Bird singing and music notes

How COVID-19 caused me to learn Audacity on the fly and learn to love it.
Bird singing and music notes

There's no need for instrumental mastery with this accessible open source program that can turn you into a musical virtuoso.
Wires plugged into a network switch

A chat with Mr. MAGFest—Brendan Becker.
open source music with piano keys background

Our resident audiophile explains how he updated his CuBox music server after more than five years of excellent use.
Radio wave.

Learn how these stations run as a centrally managed network using Open Broadcaster.