Audio and music

Our articles on audio and music include open source music players, software, instruments, and more.

Making music with field recordings and open source

Bird singing and music notes
We dive into music making with open source tools, field recordings, and "found" sounds.Read more

How to create sheet music on Linux with MuseScore

CC-BY-SA William Kenlon
Learn how to install and get started with MuseScore, the open source WYSIWYG sheet music creation suite.Read more

LilyPond scores beautiful music

Sheet music with geometry graphic
In this month's Nooks and Crannies column, we look at LilyPond, a free, mature music-typesetting program that is part of the GNU Project.Read more

Lay down a beat with LMMS

Lay down a beat with LMMS
In the world of digital audio workstations, the project that brings a bunch of modular technology and binds them together nice and neatly for users...Read more

5 free and open music-making tools

5 free and open music-making tools
Aaron Wolf shares five tools for those looking to get started making music on Linux.Read more

Is the vinyl LP an open music format?

Is the vinyl LP an open music format?
The first article in our new Open Music column is dedicated to the author's favorite open music format: the vinyl LP.Read more

Configuring Linux for music recording and production

open source music
Aaron Wolf shares his practical tips for getting your Linux-based computer ready to handle professional-quality music recording, editing, and...Read more

How to set up a Linux-based music server at home

Home Linux music server
Chris Hermansen explores some popular options for creating your own Linux-based music server, and looks at the hardware, software, and configuration...Read more