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Tools in a cloud

Find and eliminate vulnerabilities in the data you store in AWS and GitHub.
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A look at three use cases where organizations used Open Policy Agent to reliably automate cloud-based access policy control.
Globe up in the clouds

How the cloud motivates open source businesses to evolve quickly.
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Work with containers? Get familiar with these projects from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
Different types of clouds

Host of the Screaming in the Cloud podcast Corey Quinn gives a lighting talk at SCaLE 17x.
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Go beyond deployment of simple applications and tackle day two operations with Kubernetes Operators.
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Increase Nextcloud's value by turning it into an on-the-go information hub.
Neutron Star

OpenStack's Stein release offers a variety of network connectivity-as-a-service enhancements to support 5G, the IIoT, and edge computing use cases.