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Open source solutions are improving how students learn—and how instructors teach—in communities around the world. Read the fascinating and inspiring stories we've collected about how open source is influencing education at all levels.

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Access a universe of material with this flexible, intuitive open source learning platform.

Start the school year on a creative note with these fun open source projects.
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Learn how to insert missing newlines when converting indexes from Project Gutenberg to your eReader.
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Middle school students learn how to make "broken" computers useful again with Linux and open source...

Once you complete a course, take an assessment for college-level course credit.

It's that time of year again. As students and teachers head back to school, we're celebrating by...
books on shelves in a library, colorful

A book list that appeals to the learner in all of us. Plus, a bonus project for the classroom.

EduBlocks brings a Scratch-like GUI to writing Python 3 code.