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Open source solutions are improving how students learn—and how instructors teach—in communities around the world. Read the fascinating and inspiring stories we've collected about how open source is influencing education at all levels.

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A reading list for people of all ages about the legendary Queen of Code.
Kids in a classroom learning about Raspberry Pi programming

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day, we want to know what programming language you think is best for introducing kids to coding. Take our poll.
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Quantum computing is promising, provided we overcome hurdles preventing it from moving deeper into the real world.

Open source agriculture engages students in becoming problem solvers for the future.
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Open source technology and academia are the perfect match. Find out how to meet tenure requirements while benefiting the whole community.
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"Open education" means more than teaching with open source software. It means being open to meeting students wherever they are.
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Establish your DevOps expertise and become more valuable in the job marketplace with these certifications.
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Building classrooms that function as open organizations requires more than software.