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Swiss schools use Kolab, open source email suite

open education resources and tools
Over 36,000 students, teachers, and staffers at more than 20 schools in the Swiss city of Basel are using Kolab , an open source email and...Read more

Open source software experience for educators

posse 2013 educators in open source
The Professors' Open Source Software Experience (POSSE ) workshop is being held this year in Philadelphia from June 2-4. To prepare for the workshop...Read more

The sharing economy blooms on campus, saves Higher Ed?

sharing economy
Higher Ed’s in trouble, in case you hadn’t heard. Burdened by runaway costs, unsustainable infrastructure, outrage over tuition increases, declining...Read more

Could California bill mandate open access to research?

open thread on open access
Champions of open access to publicly funded academic research had something to celebrate last week. Creative Commons is reporting (with just a touch...Read more

Google, Yahoo!, Bing collaborate for personalized education

Collaboration in open education
The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) specification ( 14 properties ) has been accepted and published as a part of , the...Read more

Computers are today's pencils

open education and technology
Not everyone has a computer. And, not all schools have access to the types of technology that are second nature to many of us at our workplace. It is...Read more

Review of the new Digital Public Library of America

digital literacy
The Digital Public Library of America ( DPLA ) opened last month. (The official launch had been planned to occur at t he Boston Public Library but...Read more

Stanford and edX unite to build stronger open education platform

open education platform
The open education landscape is set to grow a little more as Stanford University announces plans to team up with edX to build an online learning...Read more