Open source communities: A force multiplier

Open source communities
I'm a junior in high school and still learning what open source is all about. I recently visited Red Hat to find out more. Although it was my first...Read more

OVC evolution, a snapshot of a student HFOSS work-in-progress

Three Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) students recently gained recognition for a Humanitarian Free and Open Source (HFOSS) proof-of-concept...Read more

Webcast preview: Free and open source software for music production

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Community-building and diversity take-aways from PyCon 2011

Here at PyCon2011 , there are quite a few open source rock stars in attendance. Software hackers of various stripes, developers from the corporate...Read more

People's Choice Award winner: Máirín Duffy

Congratulations to our first People's Choice Award winner, Máirín Duffy. Máirín is a senior interaction designer at Red Hat. She's highly creative...Read more

Productively lost in Cape Town: POSSE goes South Africa

What can you do with a boardroom, a projector, and a wifi access point? A movie night, you say? Nope. Just a few tools is all it took to get Mel Chua...Read more

South Africa welcomes POSSE

Next week, we'll be live blogging from POSSE South Africa on opensource.com , and you'll get to witness some of the bridge-building between academia...Read more

The open source organization: good in theory or good in reality?

On occasion I get the opportunity to speak publicly about some of the things I've learned over the years applying the open source way in...Read more