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Fonts, like any other digital asset, come with their own set of requirements for licensing. Learn more about open source fonts and how to use them in this collection of articles.

Font licensing and use: What you need to know

Just because a font is on your system doesn't mean you should use it any way you want.
How to select an open source programming font

Programming fonts have certain features that you won't find in regular typefaces; here are five...
How the OpenType font system works

Everyone knows what fonts are, but do you know how they work? Learn the basics of digital...
A Python script helps fix smart quotes in text

A script for replacing straight quotes with curly quotes in Scribus.
Open source fonts

Learn how open source licenses can be applied to fonts and where to find open source fonts for your...
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In August, the Fedora Project held its first Flock conference, a replacement for the North American...