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8 videos to get you excited about open government

Open government isn't a new concept. Thanks to the proliferation of the printing press, the Age of Enlightenment blasted through Europe during the...Read more

Open and interactive budget data launches in New Orleans

citizen participation in open government
By guest author Kelsey Foster Scandals, mismanagement, and back-room deals; the City of New Orleans has long endured a legacy of opaque policies and...Read more

Public crime data becomes more open and transparent city by city

open data
In 2007, Colin Drane wanted to know more about the crime that was happening in his Baltimore neighborhood. Utilizing the momentum of the open...Read more

Direct from the White House: APIs are key to extending platforms

To a technology director at the White House, the State of the Union is like the Superbowl. While the world is watching the President of the United...Read more

3 ways government can unleash the power of feedback

Authored by Hollie Russon Gilman, Georgia Bullen , Laurenellen McCann, and Alissa Black Open government is a critical dimension to democracy. It is...Read more

Open source code helps governments share information with citizens

open source code
Before open data, there was FOIA. Beginning in 1967, the federal Freedom of Information Act ( FOIA ) empowered the public to request access to...Read more

How Munich switched 15,000 PCs from Windows to Linux

Hirschgarten, in the west of Munich, is one of Europe's biggest beer gardens, with over 8,000 places to sit. It's a spectacular sight in summer:...Read more

Unite with fellow citizens on the National Day of Civic Hacking

hack the system
At the end of this month, thousands of entrepreneurial citizens from across the United States and the world will come together to improve their...Read more