Open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are playing an increasingly important role in international governments and policy-making.

Top 5 misconceptions about open source in government programs

open source in government programs
On March 15, 2013,, the “leading provider of news, analysis, opinion, information and services for the UK IT community” published...Read more

A directory for open data projects

Open Data Directory
Open (government) data as it is understood nowadays can still be considered a new concept. It started to gain traction worldwide since the Obama memo...Read more

Default to open data: an Executive Order

Last week, The White House published an Executive Order by which the default method for government data collection and dissemination must now be:Read more

Open data: Meaningful, visual information

Heat map of Raleigh open permit data
One of the keys to a successful open data portal is to make it useful for the end user. Citizens and developers should be able to understand data...Read more

Open source Python-based Freedom of Information platform

government vending machine
I’m happy to announce the Version 3 release of Froide , the open source, Python-based platform for running Freedom of Information portals: allowing...Read more

Open Source, Open Standards 2013 conference report

Open Source, Open Standards 2013 conference report
Last week Open Source, Open Standards 2013 took place in London, an event focused on the public sector. Naturally these being two topics we’re very...Read more

Got Code? App Challenge

Citizen participation
"Got code?" is the theme of the Alameda County Apps Challenge 2013.1, the second in a series of unique day-long events designed to challenge the...Read more

Solutions for government agencies to empower citizens

government and citizens
Meet Kris Trujillo, Senior Software Architect at Accela. I met Trujillo at last year's CityCamp Colorado and was curious about how Accela is...Read more