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Open Data Charter released at the G8 Summit

sustainable open data
The release of the Open Data Charter by the G8 is testimony to the growing importance of open data worldwide. The Charter recognizes the central role...Read more

IRS turns over a new leaf, opens up data

IRS opens data in government
The core task for Danny Werfel, the new acting commissioner of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is to repair the agency’s tarnished...Read more

'Free software' questions for federal and local candidates

free and open source software in government
See the FSFE's 'free software' questions for federal and local government at the Ask your candidates campaign page . The Free Software Foundation...Read more

In Hawaii, open data is the law

open government legislation
We're forecasting sunnier skies in Hawaii today, as Gov. Neil Abercrombie is scheduled to sign the state's first open data bill into law. The bill...Read more

Who could not be against lock-in for government ICT systems?

open source government ICT systems
The European Commission (EC) recently published an important report , officially a Communication: Against lock-in: building open ICT systems using...Read more

Driving better governance with open source

open source governance and collaborative risk
"Ten years ago, open source—notably Linux—was often labelled a ‘fad’ or destined for the ‘hobbyist’ market,” said Mark Bohannon, Vice President for...Read more

On a mission to change the citizen experience

The Dave and Gunnar Show
In this episode of the Dave and Gunnar Show, I interviewed's lead project manager, Jason Hibbets. He recently self-published a book...Read more

Get funded with OpenGov Grants

open government grants
We know how challenging fundraising can be. You start an innovative project using technology to make government more open and accessible and halfway...Read more