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These articles appear in The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change. a book in the Open Organization book series. The book consists of more than 25 chapters from writers, practitioners, industry leaders, and notable technologists, and explains how open principles are reshaping IT organizations. Download the full copy today.

Hard to communicate with other teams? Check out these tips

Working across departments goes much more smoothly with these processes in place.
Using impact mapping to help your team experiment

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What is IT culture? Today's leaders need to know

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How to master feedback loops and excel in the workplace

Valuable information for working smarter and faster is all around you. Just learn to listen.
Your guide to a better IT culture

The Open Organization Guide to IT Culture Change is available now.
Why working openly is hard when you just want to get stuff done

Learn how to create a book using the Open Decision Framework.
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5 laws every aspiring DevOps engineer should know

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