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Our hardware articles include Raspberry Pi and Arduino, open wearables, Linux and hardware compatibility, laptop reviews, monitoring tools, and more. For background, read our introduction to open hardware.

Tux with binary code background

Create your favorite designs with a DIY CNC milling machine based on open source software and an Arduino controller.

Learn what's causing your Linux hardware to malfunction so you can get it back up and running quickly.
Setting up the LightShowPi at the terminal

Dazzle your neighbors with a do-it-yourself holiday light show. Here are top new features of LightShowPi.
Artist's conception of the Curiosity rover vaporizing rock on Mars

Need a new project? You can build your own.
and old computer and a new computer, representing migration to new software or hardware

Repurpose an outdated computer to browse the internet and watch videos on your big screen TV.

Want to boost cybersecurity at your organization? Switch to open source hardware.

Alicia Gibb talks about the value of open hardware and how you can get involved, too.

Learn to create and control a virtual LED.