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Learn about open source hardware and software that can automate your home lighting, temperature, security, and more in our home automation articles.

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Use these Ansible playbooks for an optimized Mycroft AI experience.
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Control the GPIOs of your Raspberry Pi remotely with your smartphone.
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Instrument a Prometheus application with Python on Raspberry Pis to collect temperature sensor data.
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Find out how hot your house is with a simple home Internet of Things project.
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Home automation is an exciting and fun branch of tech. Start designing your home automation solutions today with open source tools.
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Make sure you can recover quickly from a home automation failure with a solid backup and hardware plan in the seventh article in this series.
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Dive into the YAML files to set up custom sensors in the sixth article in this home automation series.
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Learn how to set up initial integrations and install add-ons in Home Assistant in the fifth article in this series.