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Why so little love for the patent grant in the MIT License?

Conventional wisdom says the Apache License has a "real" patent license. But what about the MIT License?
What legal remedies exist for breach of GPL software?

These recent court cases shed some light on the matter.
CLA vs. DCO: What's the difference?

Both show that a contributor is allowed to make a contribution and that the project has the right to distribute it. But which one is better?
Top 10 open source legal stories

Take a look at some of the most important legal cases from the past year, including GitHub's revision of their Terms of Service.
The source code is the license

For open source software, license information is embedded in the source code. To reduce complexity, you can generate different views.
The interesting and complex legal issues of 2017

This year's top articles focused on trademarks, open source licensing, and compliance. And, of course, copyright trolling.
What's the difference between open source software and free software?

Free software, open source software, FOSS, FLOSS. Are they the same? Different? Does it matter?
Shedding light on foggy GPL licenses

Clarity is key to avoid licensing ambiguity.