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In a previous article , I discussed the complaints that have been leveled against GitHub during the past year and a half concerning the purported...Read more

Open source under the lens of an intellectual property lawyer

open source and intellectual property
Download the free All Things Open interview series eBook Have you ever wondered what, from a business perspective, the world of sharing , free , and...Read more

The role of software patents in the patent reform debate

Software patent reform
Momentum seems to be building in Congress to tackle patent reform. From an open source perspective, any reform that reduces the risk and expense of...Read more

New report: What the Government Accountability Office has to say about Non-Practicing Entities

patent reform
During the August Congressional recess, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released its long-awaited study on Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs...Read more

FSFE opposes claim that free software harms consumers

balancing free software
Microsoft and Nokia protest "price predation" and play at being prey. Does no-cost software harm consumers? The FairSearch coalition thinks so, at...Read more

Post open source software, licensing and GitHub

Few would deny that the rise of GitHub as a popular hosting service for software projects is one of the most significant developments to affect open...Read more

What motivates free software developers to choose between copyleft and permissive licences?

open source licensing
Free software licenses can be divided into two broad categories: copyleft licenses (like the GPL ), which require derivatives of the software to be...Read more

More voices join the chorus for patent reform

patent reform
Patent reform is hot! The momentum seems to be building in Congress for patent reform to address the problem of nefarious patent exploiters (also...Read more