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people in different locations who are part of the same team

Technology and content marketing teams can work together to reach the community around an open source software project.
Two different business organization charts

The history and evolution of marketing in open source demonstrates a need for new approaches.
Gears connecting

There's no reason to run your marketing program on proprietary software when open source alternatives like these exist.
Brand and community balancing on a see-saw

Look to these six open source projects who are doing branding right for inspiration and guidance.
Open innovation

A community-powered approach to working with the broad ecosystem of marketing agencies can produce...
Buying credibility

Marketing as we know it is changing. But new challenges aren't anything a community can't solve,...
Car driving inbetween ice blocks

Six non-code opportunities for contributing to open source software code and communities.
Collaborating around the world

This summer, Barbara Ann Spangler, marketing operations intern at Red Hat, learned how to harness...