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Hybrid apps are a good middle ground between native and web apps.
Email arriving at a mailbox

Email is not on its deathbed, but most of it happens on mobile devices now.

Open source mobile SDK simplifies and speeds iOS and Android app development.
Android security and privacy

Editor's note: CopperheadOS is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Shar...
How to create mobile-friendly documentation

Help users find the information they need quickly and easily on a smartphone or tablet.
How to use Fossdroid to get open source Android apps

Fossdroid is a web interface for the F-Droid app repository that mimics the look and feel of the...
Tapitoo OpenCart: An open source e-commerce mobile app

Tapitoo OpenCart is an open source online store app designed to help online stores increase their...

With these seven open source apps, you can play chess against your phone or an online opponent,...