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Learn about open source apps and tools for smartphones and tablets in the articles in this section.

Android security and privacy with a lock

Meet /e/, a privacy-focused, Android operating system independent of Google.
Tux and Android stuffed animals on shelf

Use a text editor, SSH into a computer, or even maintain your Kubernetes cluster right from the palm of your hand with Termux.
A person looking at a phone

Take as many shots as you want; gphoto2 makes transferring photos from your device to your Linux computer quick and easy.
Hands holding a mobile phone with open on the screen

Get some writing work done on your mobile device with these four apps.
Cloud image on top of a planner

Increase Nextcloud's value by turning it into an on-the-go information hub.
Hands holding a mobile phone with open on the screen

You can count on these apps to meet your needs for productivity, communication, and entertainment.
A person looking at a phone

Hybrid apps are a good middle ground between native and web apps.
Email arriving at a mailbox

Email is not on its deathbed, but most of it happens on mobile devices now.