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Learn to create audio and video projects using open source tools with multimedia producer Seth Kenlon's tips and how-tos.

RPG map tool

Create maps, manage games and tokens, chat with other players, and more with this open source role-playing game tool.
Gaming artifacts with joystick, GameBoy, paddle

Learn how to get started with the open source tool Twine and versatile multimedia library SugarCube.
Dogs playing chess

Create your own game with print-on-demand, open source software, and some creativity.
Typewriter keys

DocBook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text markup languages can't do.
A guitar amp

With just a guitar, a cable, and open source software, you've no need to "Gimmie Some Money" to take your home recording studio to 11.
File button on a computer keyboard

Planter is a simple Python 3 application that makes it easy to manage and organize your project files.
Dj Jdee

Record, mix, and export your own tunes with Qtractor, an open source audio software setup that would set you back thousands of dollars in the pro audio world.

Animation is a labor of love, but sometimes time and money outweigh all that passion, and you just have to get the job done. Here's how to use cheats while preserving your art.